Well, to begin the answer, I must first confess that I am hardly an “entrepreneur” yet since it’s hardly few months since we’ve decided to start out on our own. I would call ourself a small start-up, but I hate that word for all the glory it has been given lately.

Coming to the answer, so far I would say being an entrepreneur feels lonely. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a sad or depressing kind of lonely. But that’s what you feel when you can actually feel anything. Most of the times I don’t have the time to feel anything, and when I do, I see most of my friends living their lives with their office colleagues, social circle, family and friends. But as an entrepreneur, particularly in a young company, you will find yourself all by yourself, far too often.

Your friends will invite to you to gatherings and you will go there but find yourself to be completely out of place because you can’t relate to their work jokes anymore. Your family will want you to give your time to them, but you’ll be working early morning to late nights! You won’t even realize when and how your interactions are limited to only your potential clients or business network. While your friends will be partying somewhere or going out on holidays, you will be thinking about that next consignment delivery which already seems to be getting delayed. Your friends will post photos of their office events, family functions, personal memories and you’ll be scrolling through it all while travelling between one meeting to another.

And there will be times when you wonder whether all this loneliness is worth it? Just then, especially then is when you that one person who makes you feel not so lonely suddenly. It could be anyone. A friend, family member or your spouse. Couple of hours with this person can recharge you to go miles further in your journey. And eventually, I am sure as the company grows, as your friend circle changes to more like minded people, the feeling of loneliness would definitely disappear. But at the nascent stages of a “startup” or a small company, being an entrepreneur definitely feels a lot like Tom Hanks from Caste Away. 🙂

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